2016 – Cuba

Santiago de Cuba

Santiago to Chivirico, public transport on a truck

Chivirico, typical Cuban “pizza” and sugared coconut drink

East of Santiago, East of Chivirico, Cuban people offering me free rides when I walk between towns. The People in the country are incredibly friendly, open and hospitable.

Friendly Campesinos offering me coffee and stories about La Revolution


Valley of Vinales, hitching a ride with a friendly Cubano

2015 – Peru Amazonas


Iquitos, Belem Market enjoying roasted sago palm larva.

San Juan, Outside Iquitos. Making ayahuasca

San Juan, outside Iquitos. Morning after ayahuasca ceremony with curandera.

2 hours walk from San Juan, coming across a settler that lives by himself in the rain forest.

Nueva Vida, outside of Iquitos. Yauas re settlement

Nueva Vida, outside of Iquitos. Yauas resettlement

Iquitos to Pucalpa, 5 days by boat

Iquitos to Pucalpa, 5 days and 6 nights

Iquitos to Pucallpa, 5 days on a medium size ferry is a lot of time to get to know each other